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Where I come from, there are no Arts. There is just one art. Of sequence. Before I arrived here, it wouldn't have occurred to me to make a 'motion picture' or a 'graphic novel', any more than writing an adverb novel would occur to you. In the words of your esteemed Robert Heinlein, "Specialization is for insects."
I mean no offence to the brilliant and diverse artists of this Earth. But communication technology back on my planet is not just different. It's better. And I intend to show you how, because the future of your species may depend on it. As time jockeys go, you'll find me relatively benign — but I am not the only one.
This you will discover as you follow the story of my experiments in your world, conducted with graphic and cinematic techniques you'll recognise at first, and then increasingly with tools unlike any you've seen before.
Together, we can trace a route around the darker forces that seek to stifle your media and commandeer the course of humankind.
This is my Hypothesis.
(In which I travel through time and shoot everything.)

(In which I don't survive.)

(In which I wake up and follow the wire.)


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