Hypothesis 1 Unlimited Edition

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Courtesy of the online comic shop IndyPlanet, and via KA-BLAM's top-notch print-on-demand services, you can now own the Unlimited Edition of Hypothesis #1 for $5.99 USD plus shipping and handling. This inaugural story spans 32 full-colour, all-story pages (no ads), compiling the first three web episodes of the Hypothesis, which you can preview in their entirety here:
It's all free to read online, of course, but as we enthusiasts know, websurfing can't really hold a candle to having the actual floppy comic in your hands, free of scrollbars, windows, menus, or other fidgetry, so that you can just bury your gaze in paper and ink. Maybe bag-and-board it afterward to protect its baroque atomic structure. And then let it spring on the unsuspecting houseguests who inevitably end up rifling through your private museum. Doubt they've ever seen anything quite like this:


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